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Your Image Information and Reputation on the Internet

Google recently changed their algorithm to penalize mug shot websites.  An interesting article by Moses and Rooth who are criminal attorneys in Orlando explained how these websites were affecting their clients.  The article explained how these companies were charging money to remove your name from the site even if the cases were dismissed. 

We have encountered similar websites in our work with clients going through bankruptcies.  Companies like bankruptreport.com charge people to have their names removed from their websites.  Much like the mug shot companies they are playing on people's emotions and their desire to not have their personal business broadcast over the internet.  It is a shame that companies are making money in such a perverse way.  We at the Law Offices of Walter F. Benenati hope that Google takes the same stance on these companies as they did with the mug shot websites.  Our clients deserve to have their personal privacy respected as much as anyone else. 

We truly believe that often times people are placed in a situation where they need to RESTART their lives and filing for personal bankruptcy is the best option.  People should not avoid taking advantage of this legal process because they are afraid that their name may end up on the internet.  Declaring bankruptcy is a serious process and should be undertaken only when necessary.  Outside factors like ending up on these terrible websites should not play a role in how someone wants to proceed with their financial well being and legal actions.

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