Brett Foster

Partner and Shareholder

Attorney Brett Foster joined The Benenati Law Firm in 2019. While working as an associate attorney of the firm, Attorney Foster counseled thousands of central Floridians on their options to recover their financial footing. In an era of decreasing affordability for housing, transportation, food and so many other necessities, Attorney Foster dedicates himself to providing those struggling to make ends meet with a new sense of hope through a fresh financial start so that they may come back stronger and reliably restore their credit. Attorney Foster works to create a laid back and non-judgmental environment to discuss the understandably difficult topic of struggling finances. In 2023, Attorney Foster proudly became a partner at the firm.

Attorney Foster is a former creditor’s attorney whose years of experience working for “the other side” has allowed him to gain in-depth insight into the inner workings of the creditor collection and enforcement process. Having handled hundreds of creditor’s cases dealing with bankruptcy, student loan, auto loan, credit card, mortgage claims, wage and bank garnishment actions, he now uses knowledge he gained as a tool to benefit you – the consumer. He will not only counsel you on whether bankruptcy is a good fit for you, but he will assist you with debt lawsuits, garnishment defense, and/or any foreclosure proceedings you may be facing. Brett will bring you one step closer to pressing the Restart button.

Attorney Foster is a Florida native, having attended the University of Central Florida School of Accounting and the Florida A & M School of Law. In his free time, Attorney Foster enjoys playing tennis and guitar and spending time outdoors with his wife, daughter, and son.