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What Will Happen to Me If I File for Bankruptcy?

Many people could benefit from bankruptcy but hold off due to the fear and misconceptions surrounding bankruptcy. Clearing up the myths and breaking down the bankruptcy process can help you feel a little more confident and secure when taking that next step. Protections of the Automatic Stay At the start of your bankruptcy case, as …

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How Can I Protect My Home When I File for Bankruptcy?

First, you need to know, your home is protected when you file bankruptcy in Florida. A common question we hear from clients coming in to discuss filing for bankruptcy is, “will I be able to keep my home in the process?”  Some may already be facing foreclosure, while others may be managing their mortgage payments …

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The Power of the Bankruptcy Automatic Stay

The automatic stay is one of the most beneficial features of bankruptcy. This protection provides temporary reprieve from collection activities, while letting the filer regain their financial footing. While the automatic stay does not eliminate debt, it suspends efforts to collect on debts while the bankruptcy case is open. Anyone struggling with debt knows the …

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