“Whoa – that is lower than everyone else”. When I hear that I am sometimes embarrassed. Should I be charging more? Perhaps. My theory is this: if the fees are lower and you were treated well, you will refer all your friends and family and we will be busier. It is not rocket science.

What fees do you charge for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Our basic Chapter 7 fees vary. The basic cost for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is usually around $1,700 – $2,500. If you are on a fixed income or have a case that is not that complicated it may be lower. If you have multiple properties and a lot going on, it might be higher. Fees are on a sliding scale based upon your income. They are designed to help the average person have access to affordable legal services.

Do you offer discounted fees?

Clients can qualify for discounted fees according to your income. If you bring me a written offer from another attorney, we may be able to match their offer. Please consider us in your efforts to hire an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Orlando and Kissimmee.

The process is simple on your part. Once the bankruptcy fees are paid in full, we will set up a petition signing appointment to file your case. After that, we will handle everything from there. Most of our clients pay for the cost of bankruptcy in this traditional method. Remember, the day you hire us, you can begin telling debt collectors to call your lawyer.