Lawyer Filing Bankruptcy in Orlando, FL

First, I want you to know a client is the most important person in the world to us. You’re reading this right now because you or your spouse may be facing a recent job loss or reduced hours. The last year has been difficult for everybody and has financially hurt millions of people. You are NOT ALONE.

You are interested in learning more about bankruptcy or you are already considering bankruptcy but you are concerned how it will affect your future or if you will lose your car or house. The truth is most people don’t lose anything but their debt. After filing bankruptcy, you may become debt free. No more calls, no more lawsuits. Suddenly, the world feels a bit brighter and filled with possibilities. Filing bankruptcy is not failure. It is a unique financial planning tool that can change your life. But that word bankruptcy…When you think of the word bankruptcy, do you get an uneasy feeling? It is okay; most people do. Not everyone is looking forward to filing bankruptcy. But unfortunately, a great deal of people have no other choice.

I know I didn’t. Yes, that’s right. I filed bankruptcy before. And guess what? It is not nearly as bad as the word sounds. Most of my clients receive credit card offers within 6 months. And if you want to buy a house you may do so after a year or two. When your bills have gone unpaid for months and you continue to earn the bare minimum just scraping by, hiring an Orlando bankruptcy lawyer is sometimes the best option. Or maybe you are up to date on paying your bills since you have been withdrawing from your 401K and have finally come to the realization that you just can’t keep up the payments anymore. A great many people think they should enter into a program with a debt settlement company or a credit counseling program before filing bankruptcy. The problem is most times these companies get you into a worse situation than before. Read More