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Our law firm has begun compiling case results for our bankruptcy filings to give you a brief glimpse of a typical bankruptcy case and how much debt is typically wiped out

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Read our Recent Bankruptcy Case Results

The Benenati Law Firm as eliminated over a billion dollars in debt since opening its doors in late 2008. It is hard to express what it feels like to be able to Press the Restart Button® on your life. No debt. No stress. No worries. It is kind of like a Do-Over®! I know because I personally filed for bankruptcy way back when I was in law school.

Our law firm has begun compiling case results for our bankruptcy filings to give you a brief glimpse of a typical bankruptcy case and how much debt is typically wiped out. In almost all cases, cars and homes are protected and the only thing that clients lose is their debt.

The beauty of bankruptcy is you are made aware of everything that MAY happen BEFORE we file the case. That way you will make an informed decision about whether you want to file or not. No surprises.

People always ask – how will I know whether my cases will be successful. Let&rsquo’s put it this way. We will not file the bankruptcy if we do not think it will be successful! Read and see if your situation is similar to one or more of our clients


  • Young man who made a mistake resulting in an auto accident. Trying to get his live back on track and discharge $18,000 in debt.
  • Lost work due to COVID and has become the caretaker of her mother who has dementia. She needs a very flexible work schedule, so her earning potential is not as high as it once was. Unsecured debt $45,000.
  • Single woman trying to do everything she can to save her home. Attempting to modify her mortgage through Chapter 13 bankruptcy and resolve $34000 in other debts.
  • The debtor, who was recently married is looking to resolve $16,000 in debt. The debt relief will allow her to qualify for an apartment lease, and allow her to move out of her parent’s home.
  • Young father who recently went though a divorce and is struggling with bipolar disorder. Discharging $31,000 in debt in the hope to be able to give his son a better future.
  • Medical Assistant who is filing to clear up $11,021 in old debt from her credit report.
  • Single man living with parents. Wants to discharge his debt and start contributing to the household so his parents are not so burdened. Total Debt: $50,848
  • Single man with grown children. Was able to pay his bills, but a creditor is threatening garnishment and he is unable to pay his ongoing living expenses if 25% of his wages are garnished. Total debt: $34,427.00.
  • Debtor and his wife are both disabled veterans. Debtor started a small business to help his family survive but was unable to keep the business afloat. He is behind on payments, $80k in debt, lost his store, and doesn’t want things to keep piling up.
  • Looking to discharge $34,129.36 in debt after experiencing a mental health crisis. He got the help he needed for recently diagnosed autism, and ready to get back on top of his finances.
  • Married father of two who lost his job 4 years ago and has been working his way up the corporate ladder at a new company to get back on track. Wants to file bankruptcy to remove $21,000.00 in unsecured debt.
  • Single dad struggling with chronic health issues. Unsecured Debts: $147,659.44
  • Married man filing separately to discharge $43,953.17 in credit card debt

  • Client had cancer and got behind in bills. Eliminated $27,000 of debt.
  • Client is single mom with 3 kids and cannot afford to pay her debts. Wiped out $34,000 of debt.
  • Client rents a room and had medical issues and is not unemployed as a result. Wiped out $22,000 of debt.
  • Clients had medical issue and loss of job. Could not afford to pay credit cards. Protected $850,000 401k. Eliminated $120,000 in debt.
  • Retiree unable to keep up with her and her husband’s debt payments. Husband does not want to file. She is above the income limits for Chapter 7, but able to qualify by deducting her husband’s debt payments. Unsecured Debt: $50,585.00
  • Retiree just coming out of a difficult divorce filing to take care of credit card debt. Unsecured Debt: $33,105.00
  • Client is a widower trying to get things back in order after wife passed away earlier this year. Unsecured Debt: $12,269.51

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