So many people feel shame, as though filing for bankruptcy means that they have failed. They also worry themselves with questions: How will it affect my future prospects? How will it affect my credit score? While bankruptcy is not good for your credit initially, it can create a better credit score for you in the future. With the help of skilled and effective Central Florida debt relief attorney Walter F. Benenati, you can create a sound financial future.

Re-establishing Credit in the state of Florida

Focusing on these three main areas are the quickest methods of rebuilding your credit:

  • Lengthening your credit history. Since your credit will go to zero if you file bankruptcy, it is important to obtain new credit as soon as possible after filing, even if you have to get a secured credit card. This allows you to begin establishing solid credit immediately.
  • Making payments each month on credit cards and loans. If you file for bankruptcy, unsecured debts such as credit cards balances will be discharged, so you will be better able to stay current on payments on your new credit cards and obligations. However, don’t be late on your payments, and make wise choices as to how much you spend each month on credit card purchases.
  • Using the right amount of your available credit. To improve your credit, you should try to keep your credit balance at 10 percent or less of your limit and never exceed 30 percent. This allows you to rebuild credit in a way that demonstrates your reliability.