We have worked with families that have fallen months behind paying their mortgage, and are being harassed by debt collectors and we can help you too.

So what do you do when you receive that foreclosure complaint from a process server at your home? Many people panic and simply ignore it. That is precisely what you shouldn’t do. The Benenati Law Firm understands many people feel there is no hope when they face losing their home and they simply do not have any money to get their mortgage payments current. There are solutions to your problem. Call us to discuss your options.

What sets us apart is we are not a STATEWIDE law firm with satellite offices all over giving bad service. We are a local law firm that focuses in foreclosure defense and limited other areas of law. You will ALWAYS meet with an attorney, not a paralegal, when you come in for a FREE consultation. When you receive foreclosure papers please call me to help you. Time is of the essence. I can possibly help you stay in your home for a long period of time. Do not move out. Let me help you today.

We help families and individuals in Orlando, Kissimmee, Sanford and all parts in between in foreclosure defense and loan modification assistance. Whether you are working directly with your original lender or a law firm that has filed the foreclosure, it is important to act quickly once foreclosure action has been taken. An early start can allow for more time to build a full defense. Don’t wait to contact an Orlando foreclosure attorney. Let us work together to fight to save your home.

We can also prepare your response to the foreclosure lawsuit and provide representation in an attempt to give you additional time in the home to coordinate your finances during the next several months.