1.Cashier’s check or money order for filing fee payable to the Benenati Law Firm:

Chapter 7 single filer — $372

Chapter 13 single filer — $347

Chapter 7 joint filer — $409

Chapter 13 joint filers — $384

*The fees include the court filing fee and credit report fee.

2.Driver’s License OR State of Florida ID AND SS Card
3.MUST complete the Pre-Filing Credit Counseling Course* and print out the certificate (instructions included in your packet). PLEASE TAKE THE COURSE AND MAKE THE PHONE CALL AT LEAST ONE DAY PRIOR TO YOUR PETITION SIGNING APPOINTMENT. Additional cost not included.

  1. Notice: Course can be completed either: (1) online or (2) by telephone, with an appointment made in advance
  2. If filing jointly with spouse, course can be taken together online.
4.STATEMENTS for all Real Estate/ Timeshares/ Cemetery plots/ etc.
5.Bank statements for all personal and/or business checking and savings accounts for ALL previous 7 months as well as transaction history including all activity on the accounts up to the current date.

The statements must include the available balance in the account as of the current date.

  1. IMPORTANT: If an account was closed 12 months prior to filing
    bankruptcy, you will need to provide the last statement for each account.
6.Bring copy of only Whole Life Insurance policy/policies in your name. P lease provide a statement showing cash surrender value.
7.Last statement for any IRA, 401K, Stocks, Bonds, College funds, or medical savings plan.

Copy of Award Letter for any monthly Social Security payments you receive.

8.Vehicle registrations for each vehicle, motorcycles, boats, trailer, mobile homes, jet skis, etc. (If the vehicle is paid off, copy of title is needed)
9.Statement or printout showing payoff amount on any and all vehicles.
10.Mileage on any and all vehicle as of the date of petition signing appointment
11.Proof of insurance of all vehicles listed.
12.Seven (7) MONTHS of Pay Stubs, including non-filing spouse. If self-employed, Profit and Loss statement (Gross Income – Business Expenses = Net Income). Every paystub for the last 7 months IMPORTANT
13.Complete attached Monthly Income Budget List* (MUST include non-filing spouse’s expenses also). Review your last few months of bank statements to figure expenses. Do your best, if unsure, please leave blank and we will assist you on day of filing your petition.
14.Last three (3) years Federal Tax Returns OR Tax Transcripts from the IRS

If you do have your tax returns and you have to order your tax transcripts, make sure you order them at least 2 weeks prior to your petition signing appointment. ONLY ORDER YOUR TRANSCRIPTS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR TAX RETURNS


15.Bring any and all paperwork regarding any ongoing lawsuits and collection letters.
16.If you are surrendering a house, you will need a copy of your most recent homeowner’s association statement/information.
17.Any pending claims related to; insurance, personal injury, etc.
18.Any marital settlement agreements; divorce judgments ordered in the last 3 years.
19.Copy of homeowner’s insurance for any real estate owned or rental lease


  • If you are not prepared with all the documents required on the checklist stated above, you will be charged a fee of $175.00. We will not file your case until this fee is paid. It is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that you are prepared for your petition signing appointment in order to avoid additional fees.
  • Our No Call/ No Show fee is $175.00. This fee must be paid prior to filing your bankruptcy. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment is subject to reschedule. If you need to reschedule your appointment, you must contact our office at least 72 business hours prior to the appointment to avoid the $175.00 fee.
  • The Firm has a policy of only allowing 1 (one) cancellation of your petition signing appointment, if necessary. Your file will be closed upon cancellation of a second bankruptcy petition filing appointment. Please treat this day like a court date. You have to show up and be prepared.

If you have any questions related to this checklist, please email your Attorney Walter Benenati at