Bankruptcy Court and Sequestration

Central Florida Bankruptcy Law Firm Helps Clients Understand Effects of Sequestration

It is an uncomfortable feeling to be uncertain about one’s future. For many Americans undergoing the process of filing for bankruptcy, uncertainty is very likely what they will be experiencing for some time to come. Sequestration, or the long-term cuts to different areas of the US Government, is most likely going to cause both court services and the resolution of civil and criminal cases to become delayed and backlogged, creating more stress in an already stressful situation. If you have filed for bankruptcy, or are considering it, this means that it could be awhile until things are resolved. In order to best handle the changes in the bankruptcy process due to sequestration, it is crucial that you hire Orlando and Kissimee bankruptcy lawyer Walter F. Benenati. Attorney Benenati will be able to take most of the stress and all of the details out of the bankruptcy process, and can better enable the process to be a smooth, efficient, and potentially, faster one.

Budget Cuts Affecting the Bankruptcy Process

Many government bodies are being affected by the recent budget cuts: the judicial branch is only one of them. Since Congress could not come to an agreed upon budget, this led to a series of automatic spending cuts, known as sequestration, that took effect on March 1, 2013.

Sequestration has led to closings, pay cuts, job losses and “Friday Furloughs”—a money saving strategy in which one Friday a month, many judicial proceedings will be delayed as services are closed, saving the government money. However, these budget cuts simply add to the stresses involved in dealing with the judicial branch of the US Government. The resulting delays in bankruptcy proceedings will have a negative impact on the economy and US citizens, as people remain in limbo, their payment plans not adjusted to more manageable amounts, and everyone waiting their turn in court while their economic status remains stagnant.

Experienced Orlando, Florida Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have filed for bankruptcy, or are considering it, don’t let the budget cuts and furloughs intimidate you or lead you to believe your case will never be resolved. Attorney Walter F. Benenati will do all he can to expedite the process, making sure that the paperwork is filed perfectly, and that your case is rock solid, avoiding any further delays. Contact him at his office in Kissimmee at 407-777-7777.