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Bankruptcy Shouldn’t Make You Less Creditworthy

The Federal Housing Administration will allow a bankruptcy debtor to get a mortgage backed by FHA in as little as one year after bankruptcy – if certain minimal criteria are met. The one year timeframe also applies to short sales and even foreclosures This is yet another acknowledgment that the “stigma” of bankruptcy has been replaced by...

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Statute of limitations and Debt Enforcement

Orlando, FL Attorney Works with Clients Dealing with Bankruptcy Statue of Limitations If you are like many Americans struggling to make ends meet, you may have already begun the process of declaring bankruptcy. Bankruptcy exists to help people deal with their debts, allowing them to discharge some debts and better manage others. There are many...

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Bankruptcy Court and Sequestration

Central Florida Bankruptcy Law Firm Helps Clients Understand Effects of Sequestration It is an uncomfortable feeling to be uncertain about one’s future. For many Americans undergoing the process of filing for bankruptcy, uncertainty is very likely what they will be experiencing for some time to come. Sequestration, or the long-term cuts to different areas of...

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Filing for Bankruptcy is No Longer a Stigma

For many years, people have felt that filing for bankruptcy is a last resort before total financial ruin, and as such, was a humiliating process, one to be kept secret or hide from friends and neighbors. But all that is changing. Bankruptcy is no longer something to look down upon, but is a viable, workable...

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Elimination of Second Mortgage Through Bankruptcy

A recent case decision was handed down by the 11th Circuit Appeals Court which will make it possible to eliminate a person’s second mortgage on an underwater property through bankruptcy. Before this case was decided, before homeowners could only strip off their second mortgage in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if their house was worth less...

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NFL Great Warren Sapp Sacked in Bankruptcy Filing

Superbowl champion, quarterback terror and perennial pro-bowler Warren Sapp has filed for bankruptcy in southern Florida, owing millions to creditors despite a six-figure monthly income. According to his filing, Sapp owes more than $6.7 million for child support, alimony and other debts. Football star owes $6.7 million, vs. $6.45 million in assets Makes $115,000 per...

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Chapter 13 is the best way to save your home

A recent study regarding saving your home and the different alternatives available including bankruptcy came to the conclusion that most bankruptcy attorneys in Orlando, FL already knew. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is probably the best way to save your home. At the very least the study showed when compared with homeowners who did not file, debtors who...

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Bankruptcy Law: What You Need to Know

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act In 2005, Congress passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA), which heralded a major reform to the bankruptcy system in the United States. As the name implies, the BAPCPA had two main objectives: To prevent people in debt—individual consumers—from abusing Chapter 7 as a...

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